Yamaqua Collection
Sandi Brewster-walker has researched the history of Long Island for over 40-years, and her collection of
research notes, manuscripts, and papers bring together the history of an invisible people of the Island.  Ms
Brewster-walker's grandfather would tell her how
Yamaqua walked from down East to Amityville;
however she believes the ancestor was
Pataqua.  She is the author of The Colored Girl from Long Island
, and has to book that are due to be published in 2014:  North of the Village Green, the history of
North Amityville and
World War I: Black & Native Selective Service Records.  She is a member of the
National Council of American Indians (Washington DC).

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Long Island Indigenous People Museum & Research Institute
Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents, Department of Education, University of New York - March 2014
Prof. John Strong's Native American Collection
Retired Professor Strong's collection consists of the notes and research dealing with the Indigenous
People of Long Island.  Strong has a PhD in social studies from Syracuse University.  He is an expert in
Native Americans in Colonial America, particularly the Indigenous people of the East Coast and Long
Island.  He is the author of
The Unkechaug Indians of Eastern Long Island;  "Wyandanch, Sachem of the
in Awakening the Past: The East Hampton 350th Anniversary Lecture Series; "The Pigskin
Book: Record of Native American Whalemen"
in the Long Island Historical Journal and many more
books, articles, etc.  

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