Long Island Indigenous People Museum & Research Institute
Dedicated to the early Sachems and Sunk Squas of
Long Island!
Our museum was formed to honor the early Sachems and Sunk Squas of
Long Island at the time the first Europeans settlers arrived in the 1600s.  They
have been called the ruling native families of Long Island.   

  • Poggacut, the Sachem of the Manhasset clan on Shelter Island,  
  • Wyandance, Sachem of the Montaukett clan succeeded his brother as
    Sachem in 1651,  
  • Monoweta was Sachem of the Corchaugs clan,  
  • Rasaokan was Sachem of the Matinicock clan around 1654 to 1656,
  • Tackapoucha, Sachem of Massapequa clan in 1658,
  • Tobacus, the Unkechaug Sachem,
  • Chopeyconnaeos was a Sachem,  
  • and other Sachems, Sunk Squas and Cockenoe, an advisor to
    Wyandance, as well as others.

What We Do
We cover the history of the Indigenous people of Long Island from the west
end (Brooklyn / Queens) to the east end (Orient Point/Montauk Point).

We are more than a traditional museum focusing on retention, reinforcement,
and reintroduction!  We embrace current and future technology using online
searchable databases, digitizing, etools, apps, webinars, and virtual exhibit
Museum  Building Location
We are in search of a historic building facility (6,000 sq. to 10,000 sq.) centrally located on Long Island.
Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents, Department of Education, University of New York - March 2014
Online Museum  
Open 24/7
Since there was no Long
Island museum that told
the plight of his people,
Job used oral history!